A little catch up!

Happy weekend! 🙂

Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday, it ended up being one of those days where I was going from one thing to the next and only spent about 5 minutes at home!

I’m happy to say that my gym break due to the weather is officially over! I felt so refreshed yesterday running on my first day back… so, maybe the 2 days of rest ended up being a good thing?

Has anyone ever tried Naan bread? It’s a type of flatbread and a new fave of mine. Check out Thursday’s dinner! White Naan pizza with asparagus and half was chicken, the other half was ham. SO good! I’ll have to remember to post the recipe! 🙂 The naan was the prefect amount of “crispy..but not too crispy” for my liking. For sure having this again in the near future 🙂

Last night, while I was not blogging (</3) I ran a few errands with my friend, Lily. Originally intending to stock up on some protein powder, we hit Walmart hoping we would maybe save a few bucks as opposed to CVS or Trader Joe’s. LITTLE DID WE KNOW, Walmart has awesome food deals. And we both proudly walked away with one of these bad boys…

Yes, that is a jumbo sized container of rolled oats. Yes, I was out of them. Yes, I bought it…for about $4. And yes, I felt the need to take a selfie with it. I. Was. So. Excited. So, thank you Walmart for fueling my oatmeal obsession.

After our Walmart journey, I realized how much I really don’t like the vanilla protein powder I’ve been using lately and want to switch it up. I think I bought it on a “I’m out, this is all they have, I’ll just grab it” kinda whim not noticing that it doesn’t actually have as much protein in it as most other brands. So, this weekend I think I’ll try to find a new kind… any suggestions?

After our errands we then went glow bowling with some other friends. When I heard it was the big balls and no gutters kinda game I felt like I was being set up for a loss…I’m a candlepin kinda girl myself and rely the gutters as the reason that I don’t leave the alley in tears. To our surprise (and probably everyone else’s as well) we kicked butt! Overall it was such a fun night! I wish I could do something as fun tonight also but I have to babysit (something has to pay for all my oatmeal and bowling trips, right?).

What are your plans for this weekend? While I’m staying in babysitting tonight and all of you are having fun out in the real world with people your own age, please think of me.

What kind of protein powder do you use? Right now, I’m using this stuff by Jillian Michaels…at least I THINK that’s what’s in there.. I may have poured something else in when that got low. But whatever it is, I’m not that happy with it and for sure want to mix it up this week.