Dear Treadmill, I (surprisingly) miss you terribly.

Hi guys!

ONLY ONE MORE DAY UNTIL THE WEEKEND! Unfortunately, I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow cause I have 2 pretty big tests & REALLY need to crack down on some studying.. :/

FIRST OFF! I got a little surprise from Love Grown yesterday!

YAY Apple Walnut Delight! Let me tell ya…this stuff is DELICIOUS! ..and may or may not be half gone already… 🙂 For sure ordering more! As well as all the other flavors!

Anywho! It’s still super snowy out in my parts of MA and the roads have been BAD so that means no running or gym time for me 😦 and I’m hating this! I honestly don’t know what to do with myself from 3:30-5 without the gym…I even found myself whipping out this bad boy…

Yep… that’s my mom’s Thigh Master… circa 1990… I really need to get back to my training!

This unwanted break from working out made me realize how much I take some of my everyday things for granted…for example, my good old friend the treadmill.

I’m missing this guy like crazy!! My body is DYING to move (more specifically, run) and this two day distance is much too much for me! I’m even starting to miss the occasional shocks I get while running and the really sweaty guy that always seems to pop up on the treadmill next to me. Watching Ellen at home is not quite the same and my food intake has jumped from “normal human being” to “out of control monster”. All this after 2 days?? Clearly I have a problem.. Wahh.

Well, I best be off to my studying…and mourning of the treadmill <;/3

How’s your weather? Any workouts restricted by this storm? Any plans for this weekend?