Monday Recap

Hello hello! šŸ™‚

Hope everyone’s week started off well. Mine certainly did!

Anyone else have amazing weather today? The Rainbows made their 2012 debut and I loved every second of it.

So, the senior class at my high school puts on a show called Frolics every year. It’s basically just a bunch of random skits and things that we think that are funny but actually really aren’t. Anywho. It’s this Friday! And we have rehearsals every day from 3-10/10:30 leading up to it (Last week it was 3-7ish). But that’s why I’ve been MIA lately and I HATE it! I absolutely love being able to set time aside for a post and reading all my favorite blogger friends’ posts! I hate not having much free time šŸ˜¦

ANYWAYS! I thought I’d fill you all in on my Monday Funday! Ever have really really great days for almost no reason? Today was one of them for me. To the normal human being, my day probably would have been a nightmare… but I loved it… naturally.

Hereeee we go! So, I got up at 4:50 (woooooooo) and went to my grandparents’ house down the street. They’re away, so I went to take care of some household stuff and took full advantage of the treadmill in the basement šŸ™‚ I didn’t get much in but it was so worth it (3 miles is better than none right?)

Hahahahhahahaha oh my..just a little post run selfie. Whoever created the camera on the front of the iPhone is a genius in my book..I’m a notorious taker of selfies… consider this my warning to you. PS…why does my hand look so huge here? I promise this isn’t normal..

After a shower and all those morning shenanigans, I made myself some oatmeal (obvz) and Starbucks coffee on the Keurig- aka the most convenient household item in the world.

Monday’s bowl of oatmeal #1 ā¤ Rolled oats, chocolate protein powder, ch-ch-ch-chia, strawberries, and bananas! YUM. Bowl #2 was for dinner…(I have a problem, I know) and is not shown.

AND THE STAR OF MY MORNING! My grandparents’ cat, Dennis. First of all, I’m a strong believer that any cat named Dennis is bound to be amazing. This lil guy will prove that. He’s the absolute cutest…I may or may not have been playing with him while I should have been running out the door to school. šŸ™‚

How was the weather where you are? Ever have a long…but AMAZING day? Does/Did your high school ever put any shows on like Frolics?Ā 




8 thoughts on “Monday Recap

  1. Dude the weather was up in the 80s here in Texas yesterday, I couldn’t believe it! Yay for spring!!! šŸ˜€
    Oh and I’m in love with your grandparents’ kitty heehee

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