Gear up

Happy Weekend!

So glad to finally relax after a long, busy week..even if next week will be even worse! Sorry about the unpredictable posts. I’ve been SO busy with school and trying to get workouts in around it that I haven’t been getting home until like 9… then I crash. I promise I’ll step up! I hate not being able to keep up with my bloggy! Please bear with me! :)

I decided that today might be a good day to post some of my favorite favorite favorite workout gear. I’m in some of this stuff literally 90% of my time. One, because of my workouts and two, because they’re all so so so comfy I just can’t bear to take them off.

Nike Tempos

My favorite running shorts! So comfy I literally have like 9 pairs that I cycle through :) . If only I had these green & pink ones…next purchase maybe? Loving ‘em.

Nike Pro Shorts

Again, if only I had these bad boys in this color!! These are perfect for hot yoga or running on super hot days!

Under Armour Spandex Pants

Perfect for the winter and colder weather workouts! Or just casually wearing around cause they’re so comfy? Trust me, it’s been done… (PS. if you’re vertically challenged like yours truly- 5’1 and not compainin’- try the kids section! Better deals and they fit pretty much the same if not better length wise! I proudly rock my boys’ larges in these suckers)

Nike Cotton Tees

The perfect work out shirt! Super comfy and breathable for workouts. When I’m not wearing these, I’m probably wearing those free tees you get from completely random places that you just love. But after a tough gym day these Nikes make it so I don’t look like I just casually strolled through the pool on my way out like some of the freebees do (ew)!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

And last, but certainly not least, the sneaks! LOVE these! I’m on my second pair right now and would recommend them to anyone who has pancake flat feet like me. A complete dream. Plus they’re on sale right now…can it get any better?

What’s some of your favorite work out gear? Any overlaps with some of my faves?




2 thoughts on “Gear up

  1. I love Nike tempo shorts and their t shirts too! So comfy and such cool colors 🙂 I’m also a big fan of under armour hoodies and sweatpants and my Nike frees!
    Hope you have a fabulous Monday, love!

  2. LOVE Nike pro compressions for running!! they are already short so they don’t ride up…I also like Nike Tempo’s, but I have a few pairs that seem like they have too much material?! (it might just be me=weirdo!)
    I’m in LOVE with my Lululemon speed-shorts, and I like running in cotton tees while training (nothing fancy needed) but prefer to run in dry-fit tanks 🙂
    happy monday!

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