Hello allll! Happy WIAW and Leap Day!

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful week so far! The weekend will be here before we know it 🙂

My failed attempt at being a little artsy...hahaha

CHECK OUT THE SNOW! It’s barely snowed once since October which is super rare in New England! Snow day tomorrow anyone? 🙂

Anyways! Back to WIAW 🙂 I’m glad to say that I had a bunch of great eats this week! Here are a few of my faves…

Today, I had my usual breakfast- Oatmeal, protein powder, chia, and raisins!

For my “mid-morning snack” I had a Mountain Mix Cliff Mojo Bar. Today was my first time trying these. Verdict? They’re pretty good! I’d for sure get this again 🙂

Lunch! I pack a TON of food and usually only eat half of it. So today I ended up having 1/2 a PB& J (not shown), the strawberry Chobani with granola, some of the carrots, and the grapes! (No Emerald breakfast to go for me today 😦 )

The afternoon snack 🙂 and proof that I am, in fact, an oatmeal addict…Oatmeal round 2! Rolled oats, a little chocolate protein powder, bananas, strawberries, and a few raisins! First time trying this recipe..super yummy! For sure making this again!

(Last night’s) Dinner! Organic spinach ravioli with chicken, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, and olives! A regular around my house…SO good! Not sure what’s in store for tonight yet!

Happy WIAW eats everyone! & Have a great rest of the week 🙂




8 thoughts on “WIAW!

  1. all your eats look delicious! i love oatmeal so much – i usually go in phases where i eat one food for like 2-3 meals of the day. right now i haven’t been eating too much oatmeal, but lately i’ve been eating a ton of egg white muffins. and barney butter! i can’t get enough of the stuff.

    • Thank you!! Oh, I’m an oatmeal fanatic lately!! I’m the same way..I literally will eat it for breakfast and dinner sometimes hahaha! But mmmm egg white muffins sound delicious! And I’ve been meaning to try barney butter! You always mention how yummy it is on your blog…gonna have to add that to the grocery list 🙂

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