HAPPY TUESDAY! Just one more day until WIAW! 🙂

So I lugged myself to the gym today and was completely exhausted. I just knew that my workout would reflect how I felt and was so unmotivated. But, the second I hopped on the treadmill, everything turned around! I felt great. I even cut my pace of my 6 miler by 30sec/mile and did tons of weight training! Whoda thought?!

Anywho, back to my original intent for this post… GOALS!

What started off as a way for me to unwind and stay in shape turned into a way for me to compete with myself and push myself on a daily basis. Ever since I started to take it more seriously, I have began setting more and more goals for myself as a runner. I LOVE the rush I feel every time I get a faster time or tack on more miles and my excitement to pass my previous records keeps me going! With running, I’m turning what used to be impossible into tons of possibilities- yet another reason why I love the sport!

My main goal right now is to run my first half marathon by the end of the summer. A year ago today, this probably would have counted as “impossible” for me but my training and dedication has made this a potential reality. I love long distance running (my weekly long runs are my all time faves!) and I feel like now that my racing career for school is over (to my knowledge at least…) it’s time to move on to my next challenge! I haven’t started any concrete training plans yet but I’m kinda in the process of getting my body ready for that next step. Right now, my weekly workout (roughly) looks like this…

Sunday: Long run (8-10 miles)

Monday: 4-5 miles

Tuesday: 35-45min HIIT workout

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 5-6 miles

Friday: 34-45min HIIT workout#2 or track workout

Saturday: 4-5 miles easyish


Another of my goals is to get my mile time down to 5:50. I’m just a little ways away, hopefully I can get it down!

That would be my mirror...that would be my motivation

Seeing this sucker everyday keeps me on track! (Like the “Things I otter remember” paper? Saw it in a little shop in Maine and had to have it…for obvious reasons). But, back to the point! This sort of thing is how I manage to motivate myself to achieve my goals! Even the smallest things like glancing at a piece of otter paper hanging on my mirror every morning gives me the drive to push myself a little harder or run a little faster everyday. Seeing my goal right in front of me makes all the difference. It is things like this (along with my training, of course) that will get me to my half marathon and get me to my 5:50 mile!

What are your current goals? & What’s your motivation to achieve these goals?




4 thoughts on “GOALS!

  1. Love these goals!! I probably won’t do an official half marathon until I’m out of college. I’d love to try one though eventually. You can definitely break 5:50 in the mile!! I believe in you 🙂 My goals are to PR in the 1600, 3200, and 5000. I’m scared because I haven’t been doing much running, but I think I can PR in at least one event!

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