The things that made my Monday a FUNday :)

Hello everyone!

WEEKLY MOTTOS: Don’t over think it & Don’t sweat the small stuff

Aka what I’ll be repeating to myself all week because lately I have been over thinking everything and sweating all of the small stuff making for a stressed & irritable Caroline… 😦

Anywho! I still consider myself new at this so I had a hard time thinking of something really fun or clever to post today! I figured this might work out just as well. “The Random Things That Made My Monday” probably would have been a more accurate title but here we gooo!

1. This text I got from my dad…

Yes, I get these kinds of texts all the time from him. And yes, I think his nerdiness is genetic.

2. These! My mom and I stumbled upon them in the market the other day and I had the  blueberries and creme one for my mid-morning snack… SO good!

 3. The fact that we watched one of my favorite episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in my EMT class today (the ferry crash one, for my fellow Grey’s fans)

4. MY WORKOUT! I went into it totally exhausted and ended up kicking it on my run and upping my weights & reps! On top of that, I feel great!

5. This picture! What is my obsession with “Keep Calm &…” pictures? Couldn’t tell ya. But I ❤ eating so I ❤ this.

What’s your goal/motto for this week? Do you ever have a hard time thinking of things to post? What made YOUR Monday a Funday? 🙂




4 thoughts on “The things that made my Monday a FUNday :)

  1. Love this! Glad you had a good monday! It can be hard to make mondays fun but it looks like you certainly were able to! 🙂

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